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Scandinavia Train Tickets & Seat Reservations

Don’t waste another minute thinking about it.

Book train tickets and seat reservations for journeys throughout Scandinavia.

Point to Point Tickets

If you have a specific journey to make between 2 selected stations, then a point to point ticket is right for you!


Seat Reservations

If you have a Eurail Pass, an InterRail Pass or a point to point ticket, then you can make seat reservations per person, per train for a nominal fee.


More on Point to Point Tickets in:

More about Sweden

More about Finland

  • Regional trains offer 2nd class seating and no seat reservations are possible. Express Trains offer 2nd class seating which includes the seat booking. Intercity trains and Pendolino trains have 2nd class. Business and Business Plus classes include the seat reservation when booked in advance.
  • When travelling in a sleeping-car of a night train, a train ticket and berth ticket are needed. A 2nd class train ticket entitles you to purchase a berth ticket in a double or triple compartment (the new sleeping-cars only have double compartments). A 1st class train ticket is needed to purchase a berth ticket for travel in a single compartment.
  • Finnish night trains are available on the following routes:
    Helsinki – Kemijärvi

More about Denmark

  • Reservations are required on the high-speed X2000 trains traveling to Stockholm and on overnight trains.

More about Norway

  • Standard class, Komfort class and sleepers are available on select journeys.
  • Reservations are required for night trains in Norway.
  • Norwegian night trains are available on the following routes:
        Oslo - Trondheim

        Oslo - Stavanger

        Oslo - Bergen

      Trondheim - Bodø

Popular Train Routes

- Oslo to Myrdal: 4h40
- Oslo to Bergen: 6h30
- Myrdal to Voss: 40m
- Trondheim to Oslo: 6h45
- Hönefoss to Bergen: 5h00
- Stockholm to Gothenburg: 3h05
- Copenhagen to Stockholm: 5h35
- Helsinki to Oulu: 5h45
- Rovaniemi to Helsinki: overnight
- Alborg to Odense: 3h05
Norway - Sweden
- Oslo to Gothenburg: 3h45
- Oslo to Stockholm: 6h00
Finland - Russia
- Helsinki to St. Petersburg: 5h30

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