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Sweden Eurail Passes

With a Eurail Pass valid in Sweden, travel comfortably aboard modern trains with frequent service to major cities including Stockholm, Malmo, Helsingborg, Gothenburg and beyond. Your visit to Sweden can include the perfect mix of vibrant city life and tranquil natural settings, such as the Lakeland and Lapland regions, great for biking, hiking, beaching and, lets not forget, relaxing!

Sweden Eurail Pass Benefits

With your Eurail Pass enjoy great benefits including reduced fares and free travel/entry with participating ferry crossings, attractions and hotels. Please note that benefits can only be obtained from the local ticket office, call-centre or website of the company granting the bonus.

National Railway

  • SJ
Private Railways Accessible with a Eurail Pass Valid in Sweden
  • Direct SJ trains to and from Copenhagen and Copenhagen Airport
  • Direct border crossing trains from Göteborg and Stockholm to Oslo
  • Arlanda Express
  • Arriva
  • DSB First
  • Inlandsbanan
  • MerResor
  • SkĂ„netrafiken
  • TĂ„gkompaniet
  • VĂ€sttrafik
  • Veolia
Reduced and Free Boat Crossings
  • Free Transportation
    For Passes valid in Denmark and Sweden.
  • 20% discount
    Stena Line
    * GrenÄ-Varberg
    * Frederikshavn-Göteborg
    Denmark +45 96 200 200; Sweden +46 (0)31 704 0000
  • 50% discount
    Tallink Silja Oy
    * Riga (Latvia)-Stockholm
    * Stockholm-Turku via Mariehamn
    * Helsinki-Stockholm via Mariehamn
    * Tallinn (Estonia)-Stockholm
    All discounts granted on the cabin category C-A. Port taxes are extra.
    Finland +358(0)600 174 552; Sweden +46(0)822 2140
Other Pass Benefits
  • Reduced Fare
    Berlin Night Express (compulsory reservation of a couchette or bed)
    * Berlin-Malmö (includes ferry crossing Sassnitz-Trelleborg)
  • Free Bus Transportation
    LĂ€nstrafiken in Norrboten
    * Haparanda-LuleÄ

About Sweden by Train

SJ high speed trains

The SJ high speed trains are travelling smoothly and silently at up to 200 km/h (125 mph). The journey between Stockholm and Göteborg takes about 3 hours, while Stockholm-Köbenhavn takes about 5.

Audio sockets for radio and music channels are fitted at all seats, and headsets are available in the Bistro. Seats with modem sockets are also available.

The Bistro serves sandwiches and hot and cold dishes, and some alcoholic beverages. A gift shop sells chocolates and games, etc. Passengers who appreciate a little extra comfort can book Business Class for personal service and a complimentary cold meal. A hot meal served at your seat is an add-on service.

SJ high speed trains reach the following destinations:

  • Stockholm
  • Göteborg
  • Malmö
  • Växjö
  • Jönköping
  • Karlstad
  • Falun
  • Sundsvall
  • Gävle
  • Köbenhavn

SJ high speed trains Approximately travel time Distance
Falun- Stockholm 2 hours 30 minutes 249 kilometers
Göteborg-Stockholm 3 hours 455 kilometers
Göteborg-Malmö 3 hours 311 kilometers
Karlstad- Stockholm 2 hours 30 minutes 327 kilometers
Malmö-Stockholm 4 hours 597 kilometers
Sundsvall-Stockholm 3 hours 30 minutes 406 kilometers
Stockholm-København 5 hours 630 kilometers
Göteborg-København 3 hours 30 minutes 288 kilometers


Regional and interregional trains are called InterCity. There is seating in both first and second class adapted for mobility impaired travellers. Some trains also have a family carriage with a play corner including a slide.

Some trains have a Bistro, serving hot and cold dishes, fresh sandwiches, beer, wine, coffee, tea and cakes. There is also a shop selling chocolates, sweets and games. On some trains refreshments are served at each seat or from a kiosk.

Facilities may differ according to routes and times.


Approximately travel time Distance
Eskilstuna- Stockholm 1 hour 5 minutes 115 kilometers
Falun- Stockholm 3 hours 249 kilometers
Göteborg-Stockholm 5 hours 20 minutes 455 kilometers
Göteborg-Malmö 3 hours 30 minutes 311 kilometers
Karlstad- Stockholm 3 hours 327 kilometers
Malmö-Stockholm 6 hours 30 minutes 597 kilometers
Sundsvall-Stockholm 4 hours 15 minutes 406 kilometers
Stockholm-Köpenhamn 7 hours 30 minutes 630 kilometers
Göteborg-Köpenhamn 4 hours 30 minutes 288 kilometers

Overnight Trains

Travelling while you sleep is a sensible option. You make the best use of your time and save on accommodation costs. Go to bed at one end of the country and wake up in another – well rested and ready for the new day.

Overnight trains travel the following domestic and international routes:

  • Göteborg – Östersund/Storlien – Göteborg
  • Stockholm– Östersund/Storlien – Stockholm
  • Malmö – Stockholm – Malmö
  • Malmö – Berlin – Malmö (Berlin Night Express, please see info bellow)

Sweden’s Overnight trains are among Europe’s most modern. Nordpilen (“Northern Arrow”) runs from Göteborg to Östersund/Storlien and back. It has a movie-and Bistro carriage. Two films are shown each evening, as well as a free short film for children. The Stockholm-Östersund route also has a Bistro carriage.

There are several different travel categories:

Exclusive compartments

Private compartment with 2 beds, en-suite shower and toilet.

2-berth compartment

Shared 2-berth compartment. Shower and toilet along the corridor.

3-berth compartment

Shared 3-berth compartment. Shower and toilet along the corridor.


Shared 6-berth couchette, with toilet and washing facilities in the corridor.
There are also special compartments for women. Facilities can vary on certain routes.


Most SJ overnight trains on domestic routes have standard second class carriages.

Berlin Night Express

You arrive to Berlin or Malmö early in the morning, after a night in a comfortable sleeping- or couchette car. The journey has followed a classic route without the stress of the airport or the miles long congestions on the Autobahn. Instead you have had the option of enjoying a good breakfast in your compartment and are well fitted for a new day.

Beverages and light meals can be ordered and served in the compartment. During the ferry-crossing Trelleborg-Sassnitz hot meals are also available. In the morning breakfast is served at a reasonable price.

Sleeping car (1 or 2 beds in each compartment)

The sleeping car is our most comfortable alternative. Here you will find a spacious compartment with a Swedish quality bed (known as DUX). All compartments are also equipped with individual adjustable air condition. Some of our compartments even have a shower.

Couchette (6 beds in each compartment)

The couchette cars are very popular among our budget-minded customers. Still they offer every prerequisite for a good night's sleep. Sheets, blankets and a pillow are included.

Airport Stations

Arlanda Airport, Stockholm

The rail stations at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport make it easy to continue your journey by rail. There is a fast train to the downtown area from one station, while long distance trains stop at a separate station. Both have easy access to Sky City and Terminal 5.

Approximate journey times:

Arlanda C - Göteborg 4 hours

Arlanda C – Uppsala 20 minutes

Arlanda C – Mora 3 hours 30 minutes

Arlanda C – Gävle 1 hour 15 minutes

Arlanda – Sundsvall 3 hours

Arlanda – Eskilstuna/Örebro 1 hour 30 minutes/2 hours 30 minutes.

Arlanda – Kiruna (Tågkompaniet) 16 hours

The Arlanda Express airport shuttle will take you from Arlanda Airport to downtown Stockholm or vice versa in just 20 minutes.

Copenhagen Airport (Köbenhavn Kastrup)

After landing at Copenhagen Airport, it is easy to access destinations in Sweden by direct trains. The journey from Kastrup to Malmö takes only 20 minutes. From Copenhagen Airport, you can also catch the "Kustpilen" to Blekinge and northeast Skåne. Travolators take you straight from the train platform to the check-in area in Terminal 3.

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Eurail Pass Benefits

Free Benefits

If you travel on a Eurail Global Pass, a Eurail Select Pass, a Eurail Regional Pass or a Eurail One Country Pass, you can only use a free benefit on a day which you fill in on your Pass (a travel day). For free passage on international routes, the Eurail Pass must be valid for the country of departure AND the country of arrival. For domestic travel, your Eurail Pass must be valid in the country you travel in.

Reduced Fares

Please note that reduction benefits do not require the use of a travel day on your Eurail Pass. If traveling at a reduced rate, the travel may take place at any time, provided it is within the overall validity of the Eurail Pass, even if all the travel days in the calendar have been used up. For a reduced passage on international routes, the Eurail Pass must be valid for the country of departure OR the country of arrival. For domestic travel, your Eurail Pass must be valid in the country you travel in.


ACP Rail strives to present complete and up-to-date information, but cannot guarantee the accuracy of all Pass benefit descriptions. Additional restrictions or local conditions may apply. Please contact the involved benefit partner for more details.

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